SLANE 48V 13A Battery


– Weight: Standard Battery Pack 8.7 lb

– 672 Wh

Lockable and removable with the keys included with your bike

Built-in charge level indicator

– Compatible: SLANE COLUMBUS; SLANE RIDEAU; SLANE ACADIAN; or other compatible brands and series.


 SLANE e-bike 48v 13ah specification battery, the maximum discharge current is 20A. It suitable for 500w motor, if your motor is larger than 500W, it is not compatible with our battery, and you can choose our other batteries.
 The battery come with charger, the charger is 48V, 3A, so you don’t need buy other charger to charge it. Pay attention: Don’t use other charger to charge our battery, avoid causing battery damage.
 LED e-bike battery. Our battery has an LED power display, allowing you to know your power status anytime, anywhere. When the charger indicator is green, it means the battery is fully charged.
 XLR charging port e-bike battery. Our charging port is XLR, three needle discharge port, our needle is thicker, not easy to damage.
 Our battery with Safety lock. When you want to park the car outdoors, you can turn off the battery and lock the battery with a key, so that you can prevent battery loss and battery loss.


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